The concept was simple. A live noise session which would be neither planned or musical. The entire performance was meant to be released as a whole, unedited. Unfortunately, at the time in 1994, there was no public access to mp3s, and certainly no consumer devices to play them. DVDs wouldn't exist either for another year. As such, there was no way to release this, except for an audio on a VHS tape. Technically, that would have been the way to go at the time, but instead, it was never released.

Disinvention was the brain-child of Matt Lundy (Zombatose), an early 99¢ Special collaborator, and Exit, creator of 99¢ Special.

Matt had started a project entitled Four Body Found that existed in name, but never had any releases. Exit, besides the success of 99¢ Special, had several projects during the early 90s such as Ephemeral which focused on experimental and noise concepts, LMC, and Nature's' Descending. Exit's current project is One Cent Left.

As of some time in 1994.

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